Life Cycle Friends

2nd grade is busy with life and change!

We have tadpoles growing legs!

We have mealworms turning into beetles!

We have caterpillars turning into chrysalides!

AND… Chicken eggs coming to be incubated for 21 days tomorrow!

IMG_5130 IMG_5133 IMG_5132 IMG_5131


Active Citizen Book Club Projects

Ruby Bridges

Cesar Chavez

Susan B. Anthony

Greensboro Four


Kazoo Orchestra

Kazoo Orchestra

Election 2016

We had a very successful Francine Delany Election! 100% voter turnout!

img_0171 img_0172 img_0173

Properties of Solids

Sorting and building with solids!

Hot and Cold Air Molecules

On Friday we turned into air molecules. The top two pictures on top are of us contracting when we get cold and the two on the bottom are of us expanding when we warm up!

img_0062 img_0063 img_0065 img_0067

Long Branch Berry Farm

We had a wonderful trip on Friday! Thank you to Raka’s family and all of our wonderful parent volunteers.

Goodbye Monarchs

We released our 20 Monarchs last week. We will miss them. 🙂

img_4781 14369898_1227800977241692_6944703674454308147_n-1 img_4787 img_4786 img_4783


Does air have weight and take up space? That is what we tested on Friday!


Our Monarchs are growing and changing! We have several chrysalises!

img_0041 img_0040